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Throughout this journey, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people.  Featured here, is one family who is so inspirational, their story had to be shared.  Normally we pull these posts together yet the Ford family did such a great job introducing themselves, we thought let’s let it roll.  Enjoy the Ford’s story!

Welcome Feature American Mission Family, The Ford’s!

Life of health, wellness and inspiration

Our passion is fitness and nutrition and helping others find the best versions of themselves. After meeting as teenagers, we discovered we both shared a love for fitness. This has grown throughout the years, and now I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Instructor and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. My wife, Kyla is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Sports Nutritionist. Together we help individuals from all degrees reach their goals through customized diets and exercise programs.


first responder training

We are now the Fitness Ambassadors for Police Fitness, Lately our focus has been on helping local first responders. Martial arts has also been a shared passion for years. I hold a fourth degree black belt and have taught martial arts since the age of 18. Kyla is a 2nd degree black belt. While I’m training local law enforcement officers with hand to hand combat, Kyla has developed a Functional Fitness class for the local Fire Department.

twenty-four seven three sixty-five

During our free time we enjoy weightlifting and competing in obstacle course races. We train 7 days a week. Most days twice a day in an effort to live the most athletic and healthy lifestyle possible. This is made possible due to our love and dedication to living life to the fullest. We train because we’ve been given the opportunity! It’s a privilege not a burden!

Fitness is in the family

We live in Galax, Virginia and have two sons, Tyson and Dominic. Dominic loves football and karate. He is on the JV football team and holds a brown belt in karate. In his free time he loves riding dirt bikes and running obstacle course races with the family. Tyson is 16 years old and has Down Syndrome. We strive for him to do anything he puts his mind to! He wants to someday be a firefighter. Tyson loves working out with the family…but loves working on old cars even more.

A purpose was born, lives are changing

We have lived this active lifestyle many years and tried to spread it and help others. We have had amazing results, but still something was still missing…and thus, SuperFit, @we_are_superfit was born. A couple of years ago we set out on a mission to help our son Tyson lose weight, to avoid a major surgery for his severe reflux. He has hypothyroidism and we were told that getting weight off of him may be nearly impossible. We all agreed we could do this….Tyson showed us his true strength…inside and out! He pushed so hard and within a few months had lost 20 pounds and the doctors said the changes in his esophagus looked miraculous. We knew he could do it…but then something started pulling on our hearts! Spread the word, share the love and empower others! So, we started a special needs fitness class and put them through some intense, fun workouts and teach them healthy living skills! It has been a life changing experience! We strive to show the world that these individuals have No Limits!

our crazy life

In a nutshell…this is our crazy life…where everything we do seems to revolve around being fit and healthy and spreading that message. This is a 7 day a week, no rest challenge and it’s what allows us to meet and surround ourselves with wonderful people who become like family to us! What a life! What a blessing!

The Ford’s, What Lies Ahead

The Ford family, you are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you for your commitment to your purpose.  You are leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

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