Big Country, 6′-6″ Law Enforcement Officer

From The Offensive Line to the Front Lines of Law Enforcement

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @bigcountry691

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There’s a reason why our feature athlete this month is nicknamed Big Country. At 6’-6” and 250 lbs., Dylan’s staggering size is a force to be reckoned. Born in Jacksonville, FL, Dylan has always been larger than life. With this gift, paired with his speed and strength, donating these attributes to the game of football was without question, obvious. It would be these same characteristics that would eventually lend themselves ideally to a career in law enforcement.

The Offensive Line

Dylan’s natural size, strength and determination enabled him to be a dominate force in football. It was his presence on the offensive line, positioned as an offensive tackle, that enabled his high school team to be 42-5 during his career. Rated as a two-star prospect by, Dylan as a team captain, earned all-district and all-First Coast recognition. With his proven record of success on the field, his talents were taken to Appalachian State where he started as true freshman. Playing at 320 lbs., and able to bench 225 lbs x 37 reps, he continued to dominate the offensive line and led the Mountaineers to a 10-3 season his first season.

A Life Long Pursuit

After the NFL draft in 2014, Dylan made the decision to hang up his cleats to pursue his life-long aspiration; law enforcement. Having been born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, he had longed dreamed of serving and protecting those within his community. Now, active on the force and patrolling the streets while most of us are sleeping, he frequently volunteers his time to speak to student athletes and children within the city about the importance of staying in school and steering clear of drugs.

Reprogrammed – A Passion for Fitness

Having grown to 320 lbs. during his football career, Big Country recognized the need for a transformation. With a change in diet and training methods, he was able to shed 70 lbs and is stronger today than ever before. His daily strength and endurance training keep him physically fit to perform his job to the best of his ability.  He thrives on motivating and inspiring others to lead healthy lives through a combination of proper nutrition and exercise.  With a love of all things country, Dylan is without question, an inspiration to us all.

Dylan, welcome to the American Mission Team. It’s an honor to have you sir and thank you for your service.

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Dylan, An Inspiration To Us All!

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