Caffeine: The Over-Consumed Stimulant

Coffee is the most consumed morning beverage here in America and is consumed by millions.  The thought of going to work without your morning brew for some is unthinkable.  Many need that morning jolt of caffeine before they can settle into the workday and be productive.  But, what many fail to realize is that there comes a point where we over-consume stimulants, such as caffeine, and they can have some negative side effects – especially when it comes to you workouts.


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Caffeine can be found in many pre-workouts on the market these days and can actually cause your performance in the gym to decline if the dosage is too high.  When caffeine is taken in excessive doses or if you are sensitive to stimulants it can cause side effects such as rapid heartbeat and headaches.  All things you don’t want while you’re trying to get through a workout.

100-300 mg of caffeine seems to be the sweet spot for many users when it comes to safety and to prevent the negative side effects while at the same time enhancing performance and giving you the energy needed to get after the most grueling workouts.


It’s my opinion that you should look for a pre-workout that isn’t insanely high in caffeine or stimulants (over 400 mg is excessive).  How much caffeine you consume also depends on your tolerance to stimulants.  Start with 100 mg and gradually work your way up to assess your tolerance and gauge your results.  This might mean starting with half of a pre-workout serving.

While many people want to “feel” their pre-workout, you don’t want to become over-stimulated which in turn could decrease your performance during your workout.  Take in enough caffeine (stimulants) to keep you energized, but not enough that it gives you the shakes and inhibits your focus.

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