LCpl Cloud, From Friday Night Lights To The U.S. Marines

From Friday Night Lights To The U.S. Marines

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @essketitttt_03

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In the early stages of our lives, each one of us begins to find that which we’re passionate about.  Whether that discovery leads us to the corner office in the corporate world, dedicating our lives to helping others via a non-profit or helping others in the field of medicine, our lives begin to take shape.  In the case of our feature athlete, Lance Corporal Cloud, it was his continuous pursuit of excellence and his love of being part of a team that inspired him to elect to enlist in the U.S. Marines.

Born in Cullman, Alabama

Born in Cullman, Alabama, LCpl Cloud has always been active.  Having played outside linebacker in high school, he found inspiration in the comradery and fed off the intensity of the game.  It was there that he developed a love for all things fitness and continually strives, to this day, to excel at whatever he sets his mind to.

It Runs in the Family

Serving as life long inspiration, LCpl Cloud has two uncles, one in the Navy, the other, the Marines.  Their direct involvement with the armed services paired with Cloud’s determination in his pursuit of excellence, and his love of our Country, led to his enlistment in the Marines in 2015.  Having been deployed all over the world, his experience includes training Marine Force Recon for the Cameroon military.  During his time in the Marines, he has earned the skill of an expert marksman.

A Passion for All Things Fitness

LCpl Cloud recognizes the short and long term benefits of leading an active lifestyle.  As such, he has adopted one and wishes to motivate and inspire others to do the same.  At a weight of 195 lbs., he displays impressive strength with a max bench of 355 lbs., a deadlift of 495 lbs. and a squat of 375 lbs.  LCpl Cloud has focused primarily on powerlifting though has begun transitioning to lower weight, higher reps, in pursuit of the next stage of his fitness journey, aesthetics.

With a life long aspiration of owning his own gym, his experience in the military paired with his comprehensive knowledge of all things fitness, will without question serve him well.

Lance Corporal Cloud, welcome to the American Mission Team.  It’s an honor to have you, sir, and thank you for your service.

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LCpl Cloud, An Inspiration To Us All!

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