Gianna, Medic, Living Life to the Fullest

Our affiliates have such great stories. Once in awhile we are lucky enough to be able to share an amazing story with our entire team. Gianna has one of these type of amazing stories.

Patriot, Medic, and Living Life to the Fullest

Welcome Featured American Mission Affiliate @giannalanz12. When first talking with Gianna, she told us a little of her background and typically we’d write it up. However, Gianna did such a great job introducing herself, we thought let’s let it roll. Enjoy Gianna’s story:

buy preworkout energy enhancing fuel Sorry I’ve been out on the truck all day! But couldn’t be more thrilled for an opportunity to be a part of this team 🙂 I’m in Greenville, SC. I’ve been here for about a year and a half. I was on base at fort Sam Houston before going to the guard here. I have a bachelors in Bio with a minor in religion . I’m studying for PA now which I may be deciding to do in the military active duty. However, a car accident almost killed me a couple years ago.

Instead of letting it hinder all of the progress I’ve made in life, I did not get down. I became stronger and better than ever. Because if being t-boned by a transit bus going 75 in a 35 and my car flipping 3 times couldn’t stop me then I knew there wasn’t any goals I set for myself that I couldn’t reach.

Encouraging, educating and motivating people has become such a passion for me. I personally train people, love reading articles and books on the why behind doing things and really just showing people that there isn’t just one way to become the best version of themselves. I’m huge into outdoors stuff and am a big fan of finding yummy, healthy alternatives for the normal fan faves with foods.

buy preworkout energy enhancing fuel I’m a medic and the 3rd female to be accepted into the infantry unit that I’m currently at with the South Carolina national guard. I work at Greenville county EMS, the largest EMS agency in the state. Train with the swat team and considering becoming a swat medic in the mean time of PA school.

I was attacked earlier in the year and was beaten and had my trachea partially crushed and they said that had it been crushed one more time, I would’ve completely lost my ability to breathe in that moment, would’ve become hypoxic and lost my life. However, due to both of those events, I had no thyroid function anymore.

So I want to show people that despite the odds, you can succeed and live a life of purpose if you so choose. I have a “man made metabolism” (how I like to refer to It) so if I can live a healthy life, I know others can too.

Helping them realize that falling down may be an accident but staying down is a choice is huge for me because I don’t want anyone to accept not trying over accepting failure. If you have any questions or anything that I can help with, absolutely let me know!

Gianna Taking Names… and Targets

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