What Is ID.Me and Why Do We Use It?

American Mission uses ID.me for our login and payment processes. ID.me is an identification solution service provider that also makes it easy for customers to gain access to discounts and other benefits online. Veteran, service member, and first-responders can quickly and easily login using their credentials with this platform. Additionally, the system ensures a speedy purchase experience. ID.me is your passport in providing information about who you are and what you qualify for. The best part, all of your sensitive data and information is protected with AES 256-bit encryption at rest and RSA 2048-bit encryption in transit. These encryptions are stronger than many financial institutions.

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ID.me Makes Online Transactions More Efficient and Trustworthy

When you interact with American Mission, either by logging in or completing a purchase on our website, you use the Identity Gateway. This is also known as ID.me’s Wallet. These methods of identifying you online make for an efficient process. Accordingly, we quickly verify your credentials and obtain the necessary information needed for authentication. This transparent process keeps you in control of your personal data.

Verifying Customers for Discounts and Exclusive Offerings

This identification platform lets American Mission provide special discounts and exclusive offers to our veterans, service members, and first responders. Also, by identifying you through ID.me, we can immediately validate your eligibility, which means you will receive your purchase more quickly. We have custom coded this integration for a smooth and seamless verification process.

An Alternative to Checking Physical ID Cards

It takes a long time to check physical ID cards, and this laborious process can delay your shipment. It might even mean you miss out on special offers. The digital world offers many opportunities to improve customer service and efficiency, and ID.me is one of them. With this identification platform, we can instantly authorize your credentials, leading to fast completion of your transaction.

Contact Us to learn more about ID.me and American Mission. We are here to make your  purchasing experience easy and enjoyable.