Lane, Former NFL Player, Law Enforcement Officer

A story of great perseverance.  Faced with a career ending injury, a decision had to be made.

Former NFL Player, Law Enforcement Officer, Inspiration

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @powerstachefitness

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Born and raised in Wisconsin, fitness and athletics have always been at the top of his list. As a D1 State Wresting Champion and a 3 time College Football National Champion he was destined to take his skills to the next level. Lane exhibited his athleticism for NFL scouts during Pro-Day in 2011.  Running a 4.3 40, pumping out 29 repetitions on the bench and with a 38.5 inch vertical, Lane was offered a spot with the New York Jets.  Shortly thereafter, a broken ankle cut his career short.  It was then that a decision had to be made.

Without hesitation, recognizing his passion for helping others, Lane began his career in Law Enforcement.  Currently with the West Allis Police Department in Milwaukee County, WI, he loves every single day of it.⠀Lane, we thank you for your service!

A Passion For Helping Others

As you might expect, his passion for helping others extends beyond Law Enforcement.  With his love of all things heath and wellness, Lane actively exhibits his athleticism on social channels for inspiration.  In addition, he continually offers fitness tips and guidance on the same platforms.  And, with his natural comedic social presence, he makes fitness fun and will without question bring a smile to your face.

Building a Strong Foundation is Key

Having studied Physiology of Exercise and working in the fitness industry for years, Lane believes that a focus on functional training is of utmost importance.  Strongly believing that developing strength, stability and mobility and allowing the body to work as one is key to optimal, injury free, performance. “Once you build that foundation, the sky’s the limit.”

As Lane would say, “Be healthy, be functional, and Get Beasty.”⠀

Lane, welcome to the American Mission Team.  It’s an honor to have you.

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Lane, An Inspiration To Us All!

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