Lorenzo, Veteran, Determination, Driven

Lorenzo’s story is one of inspiration and determination. Check out how this determined patriot achieved his dreams.

Patriot, Veteran, Determined

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @lothomas12

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Born and raised in the streets of Miami, Lorenzo learned at an early age, how to be a man.  With a loving and disciplined mother as inspiration, her encouragement to pursue his dreams, led to his enlistment in the Army.  Having always wanted to serve his country, he signed up for the National Guard Infantry and was deployed to Iraq in 2009.  It was there where he fought along side his brothers, our heroes, in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With a focus of convoy security, escort details and raids, it was during the down times when Lorenzo became serious with fitness.  As a result, upon his return from Iraq he obtained his NASM certification and began his career as a Personal Trainer.  It was then when he began helping others achieve their personal goals.  Whether that was to become stronger, faster or leaner, Lorenzo was able to develop a personalized plan to satisfy many.

Today, Lorenzo’s time is precious.  In his constant pursuit of personal development, now as a Sales Manager for a national food company he keeps a busy schedule.  Nevertheless, he continues to pursue his own fitness aspirations and is always willing to provide guidance to others.

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Lorenzo, What Lies Ahead

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