Ngun, Born in Vietnam, Now U.S. Army Infantry

From The Indigenous Regions of Vietnam To The U.S. Army

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @ngunn007

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Each one of us has a story and that’s what makes us unique. Within that story there are layers upon layers of chapters beginning with those early days in our lives and progress with experiences that shape us. Each one presenting a new opportunity whereas only we, and no one else, can forever change our lives by simply making a decision. This story that I’m about to share is littered with courageous decisions, and commitment which ultimately laid the foundation for the latest addition to the American Mission team, Ngun.

The Vietnam War

Born in Vietnam, Ngun’s family are Montagnards. These are the indigenous people of the Central Highland of Vietnam. During the Vietnam war, they were allies of the United States and would assist the special forces as they were promised freedom from the Vietnamese. When the U.S. withdrew from the region, the Montagnards were left behind to fend for themselves. It was at that moment that Ngun’s father made a decision that would forever impact his family’s life.

A Life Changing Decision

Displaying remarkable courage, Ngun’s father came to the United States in 2001, seeking refuge. Recognizing the U.S. was a place where dreams can be fulfilled, after years of effort, he was finally able to bring his family into the country in 2008.  Ngun was just 10 years old at the time.

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Born A Soldier

From an early age, Ngun knew that he wanted to become a soldier, and when the time was right, he joined the Army. Now, based out of Ft. Drum, NY and trained in infantry, he is with the B CO 1-32. In 2016, his Company was the first one to return to Djibouti, Africa, representing the 10th Mountain, since Black Hawk Down in 1995.

A Passion for All Things Fitness

Ngun recognizes the short and long term benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Ngun’s daily strength and endurance training keep him physically fit to perform his job to the best of his ability. Having always had a passion for fitness, Ngun displays impressive strength for his size. At a weight of 155 lbs., he routinely bench presses 265 lbs and dead lifts, 425 lbs.

Ngun, welcome to the American Mission Team.  It’s an honor to have you sir and thank you for your service.

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Ngun, An Inspiration To Us All!

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