Steven, PTSD, Survivor, Inspiration

Steven’s story is one of inspiration and admiration. Check out how Steven’s struggles and accomplishments are driving him to help others.

First Responder, PTSD, Survivor, Inspiration

Welcome Featured American Mission Athlete @southern_strongman


buy postworkout recovery drink mix muscle buildMy name is Steven Jirasek and I was born in raised in San Angelo Texas, a smaller West Texas town. I grew up being bullied throughout high school and initially wanted to get stronger to stop the bullying. After high school I realized I had a servants heart. Medical conditions kept me out of the military, but after that door was closed I found law enforcement. My last assignment was a mental health Deputy with our Sheriff’s office, dealing with suicide and homicidal subjects.

It was during this time I realized I found where my heart for people was. Being able to help people get out of these nasty moments in life was very rewarding. Then coincidentally I began experiencing mental health issues in the form of PTSD, anxiety and depression, which took me from the job I loved. Fitness became my main way of dealing with my own mental health, and I realized I could still serve my brothers and sisters by being an understanding ear. I’m able to both reach people through fitness, and show those dealing with mental health issues the psychological benefits of fitness and being healthy.

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Steven, Supporting Those In Need

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